Tired of all the work that comes with getting a Christmas tree for the holidays, but still want to decorate and get into the spirit? Well, you do have another option...

So you're thinking about getting a Christmas tree again... Whether you get a real tree or a fake one, it takes a LOT of work. From getting it all set up (and all the work that comes from hauling around a real tree and getting it in your house), and decorating the tree with the lights, ornaments, and tinsel. And the bigger the tree, the harder and more time-consuming it is to make it look good.

Maybe a Christmas tree isn't in the cards for you this year. Maybe it's just too much to handle, but you still want to decorate. There's a new trend, with the photos making their way around Facebook and Twitter. It's "Christmas Pineapples." That's right, people are decorating pineapples with ornaments and tinsel. And they actually look pretty cute.

This idea reminds me of my first Christmas in Central New York. I was by myself, didn't really know anyone, and lived in an apartment. There was no way I was going to be able to decorate a Christmas tree (real or fake), but I still wanted to do something to celebrate...

Bamboo Bob the Holiday House Plant
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Who says bamboo can't make a alternative Christmas tree? And if it worked with bamboo, we're sure it would work with a pineapple, too.

The fact is it doesn't matter. If you want to decorate a pineapple because you don't want to get a Christmas tree this year, go for it. If you think it's ridiculous and will always get a tree, that's your choice. Hey, if you decide you want to decorate a palm tree, some bamboo, or whatever else you think of, more power to you. They're your decorations, you can do whatever you want. A Christmas pineapple may seem really out there, but if it makes the holidays easier on you, and you have fun with it, it may become a new Christmas tradition.




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