Married actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were in the Mohawk Valley in 2017 filming a movie in Little Falls. The scene above featured the adult actors with child actors from the movie.

The movie, "A Quiet Place," is a thriller featuring scary monsters we've caught only glimpses of in the trailers. But Blunt has said the most frightening aspect of the film for her, as a parent of two young children, is the sometimes daunting challenge of protecting your kids.

It's a concept that certainly rings true for parents in Central New York and beyond. According to a poll of young parents on, the top fears of parents are (1) worrying your child won't be afforded enough opportunities in life, (2) stranger danger, (3) injuries and accidents, (4) bullying, and (5) concerns about a child's obesity or anorexia.

Other websites such as include some updated fears that include concerns over potential pitfalls--too much time on computers and online predators.

What are YOUR biggest concerns as a parent? And, are you looking forward to "A Quiet Place"? The movie opens Thursday, April 5th, 2018.


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