Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? A paid casting call is being held in Little Falls, and here's what we know so far.

Michael Flores posted the following on the Word of Mouth Greater Utica Area Facebook group:

Project Type: Feature Film (comedy)
Union Status: Non-Union
Role: Supporting- Speaking
Pay: $100/Day
Location: Little Falls, NY
Shooting Date: February 16-26, 2024
Talent Needs:
Female | All ethnicities | Acting Age 60-80
DM or email Mr.MichaelFlores@gmail.com"

So to recap, it's $100 a day for a comedy film in Utica. It looks like it has a supporting speaking role, which is really cool! If you want more info, email Mr.MichaelFlores@gmail.com.

3rd Actor Joins Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid for Utica Xmas Movie

There's a Christmas movie that has many similarities to the holiday classic, Christmas Vacation, that's being filmed in Utica currently. Now, a 3rd popular actor from that 1989 National Lampoon Film has joined the current cast.

Brian Doyle Murray, brother of SNL legend Bill Murray, has joined the filming going on in Utica currently for the new movie, A Christmas Letter. Murray, who played the role of Clark Griswold's boss who was kidnapped by Randy Quaid's character, Cousin Eddie, after he failed to give a Christmas bonus to Griswold on Christmas Eve.

The movie being filmed in Utica was written by Michael Cunningham, an Ilion, NY native who now lives in Rochester. The story is about a man who receives a Christmas letter each year from a wealthier friend who brags about his annual accomplishments. The man decides to "top his friend" by taking his family on a vacation they'll never forget.

You can read more from WIBX online here.

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