It's easy to feel lost and confused after such a terrible national tragedy. And it's easy to get discouraged and think there's no good left. Right now, we need some hope.

And it's hard to have hope during times like this. It's hard to see that there is still some good out there, that people still care. It IS still there though. Unfortunately, we have to do a little digging to find it.

I'll be completely honest, I've been feeling that way. Usually, I'm very optimistic, very positive. And even after something tragic happens, I can hold it together. But not this time. At least, not right away.

But I saw something that made my heart feel better. First of all, let me say in no way, does this take away from the horrific things we saw go down in Las Vegas, but it was something. Something that gave me a little hope. Hope that there is still good out there.

I'm talking about that viral videos of people lining up in Las Vegas to donate blood to those in need. That HUGE line of people willing to do something, whatever they could, in the wake of this news.

Between that and the Go Fund Me pages that have been set up, and the celebrities stepping forward and doing what they can, it brings a little bit of that hope back to life. It reminds me (and hopefully you too), that even on the darkest days, even in the worst situations, good does still exist. It's awful that sometimes it's hard to find that goodness, but we do need a reminder that it's still there.

My thoughts and heart still goes out to Las Vegas, and no amount of blood donated, money raised, or prayers can take back what has happened. But I have hope again. Hope that this world doesn't have to be the dark, gloomy, place it seems to have become. I have hope the senseless violence will stop. They may be high hopes, but I have them. And I will continue to look for the good (even if I have to dig for it) in our world.

In the days after a horrific tragedy like this, look for the hope. Look for the people going out of their way to help others, even in the simplest forms. Look for the young man helping the elderly woman load groceries into her car. Look for the person paying for the coffee for the person behind her. Look for the little reminders that there is still good people out there.




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