Have you been following us on Pinterest? Honestly, it's one of the best websites on the web. You can come up with great meals, and great art ideas. My girlfriend and I tend to try out tons of different Pinterest ideas. We make new dinners, and last night we tried out this cool art idea. It involves crayons and it's pretty simple to make.

Materials Needed

Box of Crayons: These crayons can be a massive box with 64-90, or even as small as ten. The more colors, the more variety you have to choose from.

Hair Dryer: This will be used to melt the crayons.

Black or White Canvas: We found the black better for this, but the white canvas does just as good.

Super Glue: You will need to Glue the crayons to the canvas.

All these items and more can be picked up at any other craft store.


  1. First pick out the crayon colors you’d like. My girlfriend and I chose bright colors. This is your project, pick the colors you'd like. I'd suggest brighter colors if you use the black canvas.
  2. Once you have your color order planned out, begin gluing the crayons to the canvas. You can put them in any sort of pattern or shapes. We glued them along the top of the canvas. Just use very little glue, you won't need that much.
  3. Once the crayons are glued on, begin to blow dry them. The crayons will begin to melt so make sure you have paper underneath the canvas that will pick up the mess. There is no certain way to aim the dryer. You can dry on one crayon and move on, or get them all at once. We kept going back and forth so each crayon would melt around the same time.
  4. After you are satisfied with how the crayons melted, stop the dryer. You really don't need to put the hot air on them too long, maybe ten minutes tops. Let the canvas dry for a few minutes. Once dry you are complete.

If you attempt this project please send pictures, we'd love to post them on our site.

Good luck, and happy pinning on Pinterest!




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