Was it really a cold rainy summer in the Utica area? Or was it actually pretty warm? Do you have short-term weather memory?

How you perceive this past summer may have a lot to do with how many plans you had to change due to the weather. However you remember the Summer of 2017, there were some really hot stretches, and some cold, rainy spells. We're taking a look at just how many days we had over 80, according to records from AccuWeather.com.

The temperatures were all over the place from the end of April into the beginning of May. Do you recall that we even got a dusting of snow on May 8th? But May did feature 2 days that were over 80 - May 17th the mercury hit 89 in Utica and May 18th hit 88.

June featured a stretch of really warm weather - from June 10-18 there were 6 days over 80, two of those it got over 90. After that it was typical temperatures in the 70's, with a couple days just into the 60's.

July-August 2017 Temps-Utica
CJ/TSM Utica via AccuWeather data

July and August were full of ups and downs. There were only 3 or 4 days where it didn't even reach 70, but the surprising statistic is this: only 12 days in July and 13 days in August featured temps in the 80's. And this one: there were no days that made it up to 90 in either month.

And here we are in fall. Just since September 16th, we've made it over 80 for 10 days (counting through 9/27/17).

yellow umbrella
Alexey Klementiev/ThinkStock

So that is the rundown temperature-wise for this past summer. Of course there was some extreme weather we had to deal with in there as well. So how will you remember the Summer of 2017 in the Utica area?


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