Persistence paid dividends for Raymond Shove. On his way home recently from his construction job near Central New York, he stopped at one store for a cup of coffee and a scratch-off ticket. When that store wouldn't make him a fresh cup of coffee, he went down the road and stopped at another store.

Shove got his coffee. And a whole lot more. Five million dollars more. The New York Lottery scratch-off ticket that came with the cup of coffee netted him $3,309,000 in a one-time lump sum payment.

He became the seventh New Yorker so far in 2018 to score at least a million in a New York Lottery game.

Shove didn't even tell his wife that night, but just tucked the winning ticket away and went to sleep. After awakening the next day and realizing it wasn't a dream, he made plans to save the money for the future.


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