In one city there's actually a law that designates an upper age limit for trick-or-treating. How old is too old to don a costume and go door to door?

The city of Chesapeake, Virginia came under fire last Halloween after their decades-old law banning anyone over the age of 13 from trick-or-treating caught national media attention. The penalty even included the possibility of jail time. (No, we're not making this up.) The ordinance has since been clarified to set the upper limit to 14 years old, and eliminate the possibility of jail time.

There's been some debate on Facebook over what age should signal an end to a teen's trick or treat career.

How old is too old to trick or treat?

Many kids will simply make their own decision and decide that getting dressed up to collect candy isn't 'cool' anymore. Other older kids may make the turn from candy as a priority to things like shaving cream, and minor acts of vandalism, like egging houses or smashing pumpkins.

Each year, our home hands out candy to kids who are easily over 14, who can't even bee bothered to put on a costume. They just hold out a bag, collect their candy, and leave. Sometimes they say 'thank you.' One year, we even had an adult who said she was collecting for her child who 'didn't feel well.'

What do you think? What's the upper limit for trick-or-treating? Or should anyone be allowed knock on your door for free candy on Halloween? 

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