State Police are warning parents to check their kid's Halloween booty for marijuana edibles that look a lot like popular trick or treat candy. Do you think this is likely in Utica or Rome?

It seems as though marijuana edibles are the new 'needle in a candy bar' for Halloween. Every year, police issue a warning about edibles labeled to look just like regular candy - and warning parents these 'treats' could somehow make it into kids Halloween stash.

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In response, marijuana enthusiasts point out there's no way they're sharing their expensive edibles with kids. (Although, they may want some of your kids' candies.)

The Indiana State Police recovered edibles that were packaged to look a lot like Skittles and Starburst candies, prompting them to issue the following warning on Facebook:

"Parents, here is an example of what to look for in your child's Halloween candy this year. These were seized just this past weekend by one of our Troopers from the Lowell post. While they are packaged and marketed to look like candy, they are not. You have to look closely to see the "Medicated" wording. Please thoroughly check all candy and don't assume it's "OK" just because it looks "OK". #safehalloween #trickortreat"

While it's probably highly unlikely your child will receive a marijuana edible instead of a Snickers, it's always good practice to thoroughly examine your child's candy for anything that looks off, or has a damaged wrapper. Children should not eat anything that isn't commercially wrapped unless it comes from a trusted friend or neighbor.

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