While New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is battling COVID-19 with daily press conferences and updated information from health scientists, his brother Chris and his family are fighting the virus in...um...different ways, according to a piece in HuffingtonPost.com.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and some of his family (wife Cristina and 14-year-old son Mario) are Coronavirus-positive. Mrs. Cuomo appears to be recovering quicky, but one of her methods is raising a lot of eyebrows. In a post on her wellness blog, Cuomo shared her odd strategies for warding off the coronavirus:

Uh, yeah, that last one is causing a stir.

Mrs. Cuomo claims on ThePuristOnline.com that she adds a half-cup of Clorox to her bath water as a detox. And, apparently there have been enough folks using the same crazy method to disinfect their bodies, that Clorox had to issue a disclaimer on their website that their product is...

NOT recommended for personal hygiene of any kind–consumers should always avoid direct skin and eye contacts with both undiluted bleach, as well as prolonged contact with the various bleach solutions we recommend for household cleaning and laundry.

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