With county fairs, community Field Days and the Great New York State Fair happening each summer, how can you best avoid being the victim of a scam from a fair vendor?

The Better Business Bureau in Buffalo offers the following suggestions:

  • Does the company have a posted return/exchange policy? If not, find out what it is.
  • Where is the company headquartered? Many vendors travel into town for the festival. Find out where their home base is.
  • Shop around first. Have you visited all the vendors to see who has the item at the most reasonable price?
  • Don't succumb to pressure. Vendors know they are less likely to make a sale if you walk away so they may pressure you to buy. If you feel uncomfortable, just walk away.
  • Know the limits of the 'Cooling Off' rule. Generally you have three days to cancel a purchase. However, that doesn't apply to purchases under $25 or arts and crafts items.

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