National Fun Day is always celebrated across the U.S. on the first day of April. It may be either a little easier or a lot tougher to get in the proper mood today, April 1, 2019, if you're in Central New York.

Because: SNOW.

Of course it's also April Fool's Day, but this Fun Day thing seems a little friendlier. So, the idea is to celebrate by doing as many fun things as possible. Here are some ideas that could apply here:

  • Have a snowball fight (Hey, how often can you do THAT on April 1st?)
  • Watch your favorite TV show (Maybe something "summery" like Baywatch?)
  • Visit your favorite park (Last chance for a while to go snowshoeing in Bellamy Harbor park or Proctor Park)
  • Play your favorite sport (We vote for either baseball or snow volleyball)
  • Go to your favorite restaurant (Try Babe's for their grand re-opening from 4-6 PM Monday, April 1st, because we'll be there broadcasting live)
  • Have your favorite drink (How about those boozy milkshakes at The Turning Stone?)
  • Play your favorite board game (Maybe the Utica version of Monopoly?)
  • Listen to your favorite music (we've got you covered on Lite 98.7)

How much fun are you planning to have today?

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