Grocery stores can provide a great setting for love and romance. As you make your Valentine's Day plans, don't forget to go shopping.

Aldi, the grocery chain with stores in New Hartford and Syracuse, commissioned a study to find out about the romantic habits of people at grocery stores. Aldi learned that 32% of adults have either dated someone they met at a grocery store or know somebody who has. So, grocery stores may be as good as bars for meeting a special someone. Here's what else they discovered:

  • Nearly 46% say they've flirted with someone they met at the grocery store
  • 34% of millennials say they think the grocery store is a good "meet cute" place
  • 38% say asking for help finding an item in the store is a good pickup line

With these statistics in mind, we've compiled a listing of what you might find if you're looking for love at a number of prominent Central New York grocery stores.

-Hannaford. Since the stores in New Hartford are surrounded by some of the more affluent suburbs in the Mohawk Valley, your chances of meeting a professional are decent. Best place to hang out: near the sushi.

-Price Chopper. Good-looking, average Central New Yorkers getting their shopping done. Best place to "drop a line in the water": near the little coffee bar.

-Chanatry's. A slightly oder demographic. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Best place for conversation: the butcher counter in the back.

-Wegmans. Best odds of finding that special someone, simply due to the large crowds. Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim's been spotted shopping there, but of course he's taken. Best spot: the market cafe.

-Aldi. Thrifty shoppers abound, some of whom have an earthy, granola-like appeal. Best play: swapping shopping carts with someone on the way in or out.

-Trader Joe's. You'll find adventurous, intrepid souls here. The laid-back "Tiki Culture" pervades the store and might put you in the mood for love. Best spot: near the steel drums, if there's someone playing that day.

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