Rob Lowe is stirring up trouble.

The Brat Pack actor has been telling people that he swears by feeding 7Up to his Christmas tree. He recently appeared on TV's "Ellen" and claimed there's something about the citrus in the soda pop that adds longevity to the traditional holiday decoration. He has a phobia about needles drying up and becoming flammable, and he says a half-and-half mixture of water and 7Up poured into the tree-stand guards against that problem.

Critics are skeptical. And, even though some believe natural citrus and sugar may help prolong a tree's life, most disagree. And it's generally NOT a good idea to add baking soda or aspirin to a tree's water.

WKTV also enlisted some Mohawk Valley experts to chime in on Christmas tree longevity. The folks from Buttenschon Christmas Tree Farm in Marcy joined the TV station to provide some other tips:

  • Use a sturdy tree-stand
  • Feed the tree lots of lukewarm water
  • Leaving the tree near a window with lots of direct sunlight could cause it to brown faster and might reduce its longevity

WKTV's post also listed some Central New York locations where you can find a good tree:

- Buttenschon Christmas Tree Farm - 9663 Luke Rd., Marcy
- Candella's Farm & Greenhouses - 9256 River Rd., Marcy
- Henderberg's  - 6579 Henderberg Rd. South, Rome
- Shuster Christmas Tree Farm - 4535 Senn Rd., Rome
- Evergreen Acres - 2478 Mohawk St., Sauquoit
- Massoud's Tree Farm - 9716 Roberts Rd., Sauquoit
- Moose Track Acres - 1735 Holmes Rd., Boonville
- Douglas Tree Farm - 7885 Postal Rd., Oriskany
- North Star Orchards - 4741 State Rt. 233, Westmoreland
- Pasadena Plantation - 1817 Thayer Hill Rd., Boonville
- Trenton Trees - 8982 Trenton Falls-Prospect Rd., Remsen
- Litchfield Christmas Tree Farm - 590 Silver St., Ilion
- Naturewood Knoll Tree Farm - 2408 State Rt. 169, Little Falls
- Critz Farms - 3232 Rippleton Rd., Cazenovia
- Lundin's Tree Farm - 3552 State Rt. 7, Otego
- Fox Hollow Nursery - 2751 State Rt. 23, West Oneonta
- Romagnoli's Christmas Tree Farm - 8498 Oneida Valley Rd., Canastota

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