This was the first time I decided to jump in on the company Super Bowl Squares board, and I gotta admit that similar to Fantasy Football, it gave a non-sports fanatic another reason to pay attention to more than just the commercials and food last night, and also served to be some good cheap fun, and a hefty pay day for some! I had a $10 bill burning a hole in my pocket so I plunked it down for 5 squares on the company board, THEN I asked what in the world it was and here's what I learned:



Here's an example of a typical grid of 100 squares and each person buys as many mystery squares on the blank board that they'd like to. Then once all of the squares are taken it comes time to randomly draw the numbers (0-9) for both the horizontal and the vertical of the graph (each assigned to a team). Below you can see an example of the same board above, only completed:


lyndalarch10538 /


Okay, so each person finds their square and follows straight up for their Ravens number and across to the left for their 49ers number. These numbers represent the LAST digit in the score for each team. So if you have a '4' on top and a '1' on the left like Bunny does on this board she has a '4-1' square which means Baltimore has to have a score ending in 4, 14, 24, 34 etc, and San Fran must have scored a single point or 11, 21, 31 and so on. So in the case of last night's game, the final score was Ravens - 34, 49ers - 31 putting Bunny in the money! The version of squares we played last night also paid out based on each team's score at the end of each quarter too giving each hopeful more chances for their square(s) to win. So, next year jump in on your company pool and keep your fingers crossed, you don't even have to turn on the game and you could wake up Monday morning richer than when you fell asleep!