This holiday season across New York State, you can send your Amazon drivers a thank you at absolutely no cost to you. Here's how:

Amazon announced the return of their holiday promotion to tip drivers. The best part, it literally has no extra cost to you. The program started in 2022 and has now begun for 2023 as a simple way to say thank you to drivers:

Any time a customer in the United States says “Alexa, thank my driver”, clicks the yellow button on this page or searches for 'Thank my driver' on Amazon (web or app), the driver who delivered the customer’s most recent package will be notified of the "thank you" they’ve received."

The program did have a $5 tip option, but that was for the first 2 million "thank yous" sent, which has already been reached for 2023.

The promotion where eligible drivers received $5 for every thank you, was for drivers who received the first 2 million 'thank yous' starting December 12, 2023. We have already received over 2 million thank yous and the promotion is now over."

You can say “Alexa, thank my driver” using your Echo device or Alexa app on your smartphone. You can also search for 'thank my driver' on Amazon to thank the driver of your most recent delivery, made within the last 14 days.

According to USA Today, customers can continue to thank their drivers year-round after the holiday season with the feature, and drivers will be able to see the number of times they are thanked within their app. How cool is this?

You can read more directly from Amazon online here.

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