For more than a 110 years the ball has dropped in New York City to ring in the new year. You don't have to travel to the Big Apple to see it. You can watch this year's celebration from your mobile device.

The Time Square celebration streams live on your phone, tablet, computer or any other device you have. Follow the links below or watch the live streaming video that begins at 6pm December, 31. See celebrations, the year in review and music from all genres including country.

Country Performances
Sam Hunt 9:38pm-9:44pm
Lauren Alaina 11:22pm - 11:29pm

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The Time's Square celebrations began in 1904, but it was 1907 when the first New Year's Eve ball made it's decent from a flagpole on One Times Square.


This year the iconic ball will have 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles, each with different designs for the new year. New is the Gift of Goodwill with three pineapples signifying the traditional image of hospitality and goodwill.

Workers Install Waterford Crystals On The New Years Eve's Times Square Ball
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Gift of Harmony - small rosette cuts flowing into each other in beautiful harmony
Gift of Serenity - butterflies flying above a crystal meadow, capturing the spirit of serenity
Gift of Kindness - circle of rosettes with the fronds reaching out in an expression of kindness
Gift Of Wonder - a faceted starburst, inspiring our sense of wonder
Gift of Fortitude -diamond cuts on either side of a crystal pillar to represent the inner attributes of resolve, courage, and spirit necessary to triumph over adversity
Gift of Imagination - series of intricate wedge cuts that are mirrored reflections of each other, inspiring our imagination

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All those crystals are heavy. Add the 672 LED modules and 32,256 LEDs to make the ball light up in 16 million colors and it all makes the Ball weigh 11,875 pounds. A long way from the first ball that was made of iron and wood and had only one-hundred 25-watt light bulbs.

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