Freezing weather causes all sorts of problems, like freezing your car door shut. There are some hacks that can help get you unstuck, but which ones actually work?

Central New York is no stranger to extreme weather, especially cold. Fortunately, there are some shortcuts that can help when the cold affects your vehicle. Beth and Dave decided to try a popular one to unstick their frozen closed car door. Sort of.

One hack involves a mixture of vinegar and water, while the other uses alcohol mixed with water. Dave tells Beth her car doors are frozen shut, so they decide to give the hacks a try. 

First, the vinegar and water. After thoroughly spraying the door frame, it looks like the ice is melting, but the door doesn't budge.

Next, they decide to try alcohol. The actual hack calls for isopropyl alcohol, but since they don't have any handy, Dave suggests some gin. The gin succeeds in making Beth's car smell like a DUI, but the door still doesn't open.


Finally, our hosts discover the real reason neither hack is effective: Dave left the car doors locked. Pro tip: if you want to unfreeze your car doors, make sure they're unlocked first.

Turns out, the vinegar and water is an effective way to unfreeze your car doors. Especially when they're unlocked. 


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