Whether you want to believe it or not, many states do a very poor job of making sure women get paid the same as men. Is New York one of those states?

In the United States, we are just over 100 years past women getting the right to vote. In that 100 years women still have had to fight tooth and nail to get many other things that should be equal. To this day, there are marches in New York, but in Washington D.C. as well to help raise awareness, awareness that some things still may not be exactly equal.

Annual Women's March Held Across The Country
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One thing that morally just needs to be equal is pay, why would a woman get paid less than a man to do the same job? It just doesn't make sense. However, it is the case in many states across the country. Some states in America really have a pretty poor rating in this statistic.

How Much Less Women In The US On Average Earn Compared To Men?


The figure is staggering. According to Business.org, men in the United States make 18% more in their paycheck than women. To put that into a different perspective, that is a whopping $10,381 per year that women on average make less than men.

How Well Does New York Do Though?

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While New York doesn't have a perfect rating here, no state in the U.S. does. One thing New York does have is a high rating in this category though. Men in New York earn an average of $63,588 while women earn $56,200, that is 11.6% of a difference. While that may seem really bad, it puts the Empire State at 3rd best in pay equality for women

Washington D.C. does the best, they have an 8.1% pay gap between genders. Meanwhile, the state that does the worst at paying women equal salaries is Wyoming. Women living in Wyoming make 34.6% less than men on average.

For the full breakdown of how well or poorly states fare with this statistic, check out Business.org.

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