This morning Tamron Hall made a very interesting point on the Today Show. The point; Is Howard Stern leaving America's Got Talent to take over hosting The Apprentice? Let's discuss why this theory makes a lot of sense. 

Currently, Donald Trump is hosting The Apprentice. He's hosted it since the show debuted on January of 2004. He's been highly successful for NBC on the show. So why would he leave? He's running for President. Donald will become very busy over the next year, and if he wins the Republican nomination for President, he will become even busier. Let's take this even further; In theory if Donald Trump wins the election as President of the United States, he will be busy leading our nation and have no time for the show.

In order to save The Apprentice brand, would NBC consider hiring Howard Stern as a replacement? Think about it......Howard has been in the entertainment business forever. He's the poster boy for SiriusXM satellite radio. Ironically, his contract with SiriusXM is up at the end of the year. He's hinted on the show he has other things he is working on.

To build on Tamron Hall's point, here's my theory: I believe Howard Stern will renew his contract with SiriusXM. There is no reason to believe he will leave this gig. I also think that he will replace Donald Trump on The Apprentice at NBC. Tamron was on to something this morning when she mentioned it.

What do you think? Do you think this makes a lot of sense? Let us know.