The Hubble telescope initially catapulted into space back in 1990. It has been capturing spectacular images for years, but none as amusing as this! The Hubble Telescope was named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. Even though the spelling of our last names is different, Edwin is in fact a distant relative. Prior to the telescope's initial launch, my grandparents, Helen and Earl Hubbell, received a personal invitation from NASA to come witness Hubble being cast into space first hand. Unfortunately, they were physically incapable of going and I was too young and apathetic to appreciate such a grand event.

The Hubble has been catching spectacular images ever since it was bound into space twenty-five years ago, but for some reason or another we humans are especially amused when we find what appears to be a face in an inanimate object. How many times have you been driving down the road only to see a cloud frowning? Have you ever spotted a scouring look on a piece of your morning breakfast cereal? I bet you've seen a grain marking on the wall that resembles a clown crying or a dog barking at some point in time. Here's an image that will make you grin!

Click HERE to see the image.


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