No one wants to think about losing their job, but it happens. Some times though, it happens for some 'interesting' reasons.

Of course, all these stories have to deal with a mistake made by an employee. Whether the mistake was big enough to get fired for or not... Well, we'll leave that up to you to judge.

Smiley Faces

A man worked at a factory that made car parts. His job was to inspect the parts, and make a mark on these 'tubes' to show that he inspected them. He was to put a dash or a dot right on the tube with marker. Apparently, he was feeling a little creative one day and decided to draw a smiley face to show he inspected the part. After the company noticed what he was doing, he lost his job. It was considered graffiti and he was defacing their products.

 Selling Goods

A woman lost her job at a convenience store, after she brought in a magazine trying to sell other goods (like beauty products, home products, and all that). She wasn't trying to sell the goods to customers, just other workers. Management didn't like this though, and canned her.

Hot Mics

There's always been a rule in radio and TV about being careful what you say, even if the microphones are not on. One unlucky morning show team was talking between each other while the music was playing. They were talking about others in their building they didn't like, cussing, and just venting to each other. Even though their mics were off, somehow a computer glitch was causing what they were saying to go over the air. Listeners heard everything! And so did their boss. They ended up being pulled from on-air.

 Social Media

You have to be careful what you put on Facebook and Twitter! One woman decided to complain about her bad day at work on Twitter. She didn't say anything about hating her job, or wanting to quit. She just mentioned a few things that bugged her throughout her day, and added that she was having a bad day and the next day would be better. Unfortunately, she never got the chance to have a better day - Her boss saw the tweet, called her, and told her not to bother coming into work anymore.



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