We've said it before - we're very excited about the possibility of Legoland coming to Goshen, NY. So how could anyone be offended by a restaurant serving a "Legoland Burger"?

Catherine's Restaurant is a locally owned family style restaurant in Goshen. They recently started offering the Legoland Burger - a burger topped with cheddar mac & cheese, pulled pork and cole slaw. Sounds delicious and innocent enough, but it has caused quite a stir in Orange County.

Catherine's Restaurant/Facebook

The community is still sharply divided over whether or not the amusement park should be allowed to locate there. The opponents of the project (STOP Legoland in Goshen) think the project would cause too much traffic and congestion in the area. They want to preserve the quiet, small town feel. The supporters (Supporters of LEGOLAND Goshen) feel the positive economic impact of the project is just what the area needs, and don't think it will ruin life in Orange County. So how did a burger create more controversy?

Catherine's Restaurant/Facebook

Some of the Legoland opponents feel it was "disrespectful" and "tasteless" to flaunt the name at a time when the town is so divided over the issue. Does this sound crazy to those of us who live a few hours away? You bet, but how would you feel if they wanted to open Legoland at the old Griffiss Air Force Base?

The latest report from the Hudson Valley Post says they received an e-mail from the Assistant to the Orange County Executive stating that "The application is still in front of the Town of Goshen Planning Board."