One Ulster County student is trying to make "I Voted" stickers a little less cliché.

And look, I know voting is a proud American tradition, and our Constitutional right... but there's only so much fun you can have with stars, bars and eagles. Couldn't we stand to spice up the design a little?

Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash
"I Voted Sticker Competition," 

What even IS that?! A multicolored humanoid head on some spider legs, grinning like a psychopath. Looks like something you'd see in a Tool music video.

The design is the brainchild of 14-year-old Hudson Rowan, of Marbletown, New York. Speaking to WAMC Northeast Public Radio about his design, Rowan said:

When my mom told me about it, I said, ‘What should I draw, I don’t really know what to draw?’ And she was like, ‘Do something like patriotic - red, white and blue.’ But, that’s not totally my drawing style... I didn’t totally want to do what everyone else was going to do with the patriotic stars and stuff. So, I decided to do something completely different.

Well, Hudson, it appears you've achieved exactly that.

The design is currently leading the contest by a WIDE margin, capturing 94% of the votes, as of this writing.

You can vote in Ulster County's "I Voted" sticker contest at this link. 

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