Is the first thing you just thought, 'ewwww'?  Yeah, me too. Although, our Thanksgiving dinner leftovers are something you may want to get your hands on, and now you can thanks to Leftover Swap, a smartphone app that will help you trade or give away that leftover food you no longer want.  I smell a lawsuit coming.

Yes it's nice to know you wish to share your food and you want to reduce waste, but is Leftover Swap the smart way to go?
NPR Reports on this new technology:

This is either ingenious or cringe-worthy, depending on your penchant for other people's unfinished meals.

"It's obviously not for everybody," says Leftover Swap co-founder Dan Newman. "But for as many people who seemingly have a problem with it, there's people who love the idea."

The basic gist is this: Let's say you have some leftover pizza. Snap a photo of it and post it to the app's database. Strangers in the same geographic market then have an option of trading you for the food — or just taking it off your hands.

Would you use Leftover Swap? Are you cringing at the thought of eating food a stranger fiddled with? Health officials are already warning us that consuming unknown leftovers could pose a health hazard.


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