Hand sanitizer is a ubiquitous 2020 accessory, so chances are you've got a bottle of it in your car.

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Now that it's winter, you might wonder if it's ok to keep your hand sanitizer in the car.

The short answer is -- yes it's ok. However, if your hand sanitizer freezes -- you've got a bigger problem.

Alcohol is the main ingredient in hand sanitizers. And since alcohol won't freeze until temperatures dip below -50 degrees Fahrenheit, your bottle of sanitizer shouldn't freeze either.

But if it does, it's likely because it's FAKE.

"If it has enough of the alcohol it should not freeze in our conditions," said Dr. Jodi Lenko, the vice chair of the Department of Medicine at Lehigh Valley Hospital Hazleton. "So yes, if one of your alcohol- sanitizers freezes, I would recommend throwing it out and buying a new one."

The Food and Drug Administration keeps a running list of hand sanitizers that are labeled "fake," usually because they don't contain the percentage of alcohol they claim to.

Other hand sanitizers make the FDA's danger list due to the inclusion of dangerous ingredients like methanol, or issues with their packaging being child-safe.

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