Drive through the Syracuse area during the twelve day run of the New York State Fair and you may notice something odd - a stoplight on Interstate 690.  The traffic on the expressway is stopped often during the fair to allow egress to the highway from the parking lots.  Have you ever wondered how rare stoplights are on the Interstate Highway System?

Exceptionally rare.

Interstate 70 in Breezewood, Pennsylvania, is probably the best known example of stoplights on an interstate.  70 actually is a surface street for a few blocks as it leaves (or joins) the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

There are drawbridges with stoplights on interstates in Portland, Oregon; Hampton Roads, Virginia; Washington, DC; Baltimore, Maryland; New York City and Biloxi, Mississippi.

The photo of the actual stoplight on Interstate 690 is from the exceptional flicker feed of user dougtone.