I've seen many a squirrel in my life, and I've seen many a squirrel in the Syracuse area, but never have I ever seen a flying squirrel. Well apparently, they are in New York, and they could be coming for you just like they came for this Redditor.

Apparently, these squirrels can be quite invasive, and unlike other squirrels, these ones can send in the Air Force as well as the Army. These Winged Rodents have invaded a home in Syracuse, and u/chapstickgrrrl took to the r/syracuse subreddit for help.

"I have an infestation of flying squirrels living in my walls and basement, and desperately need help getting them out & keeping them out.

Obviously they’re getting in somewhere up high and working their way down through the walls of my balloon-frame house. They’re having a dance party every night, and likely feasting on my electrical wiring. I’ve trapped and killed FIVE of them in the last week alone, which is breaking my heart but also terrorizing me."

Most people with an infestation just want the animals out by any means necessary, but u/chapstickgrrrl does not choose violence. Unfortunately, she had to kill five of them, but there are still more in the house, and if she can, she would like to get them out without harming them, which I am all for. However, so far, she has only been able to find lethal trappers and poisoners. At this point, she is most worried about them causing further damage to the house and choosing her electrical wiring for their Thanksgiving feast. Not to mention these are nocturnal creatures that like to, as OP puts it, have a "dance party" each night.

So if you can, give u/chapstickgrrrl a hand on how to take of these furry invaders without causing any harm to them.

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