There are two kinds of people who celebrate Christmas: those with real trees and those with fake trees. Fake trees are familiar and predictable. Real trees come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they even come with a surprise.

That's what happened to one Central New York woman when her family brought home their real Christmas tree. 

Marie, who lives in Little Falls, says that when she got her Christmas tree and set it up inside, "I thought there was something in my room due to bizarre behavior of my cats and dog, my husband said it was the apnea machine. My husband woke up screaming with (a squirrel) on his chest, he was medicated due to surgery on his wrist, so I chased it around the room at 3 am as his confused screams got louder."

Marie must be impressively coordinated at 3 am. She says "I did get the squirrel out after it pinged around my room like a rambunctious pinball for about half an hour."

PRO-TIP: check the tree for squirrels before bringing it in the house.

The only non-tree thing I've ever found in our Christmas tree was an empty bird's nest. That's either good luck, or bad luck, depending on who you ask.

Have you ever found something crazy in your Christmas tree? 


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