Depending on how the workforce is measured, women have either become the majority of workers in the United States or are right on the cusp of becoming so.

According to a new survey from Allstate-National Journal, most Americans think this is a positive development.

Fifty-six percent of the poll’s 1,000 adult respondents answered that the influx of women into the workplace is “encouraging and it will have a positive impact on the country because the economy will benefit from a workforce that represents more of the unique talents and skills offered by women.”

On the other hand, 32 percent said the trend was “troubling and it will have a negative impact on the country because it reflects a shift away from the traditional family structure where women could devote more time to raising children and running the household.”

Opinions on the increasing number of women who work differs depending on the age of the person asked. Seventy-four percent of 18-to-29-year olds see this as a positive development, whereas only 41 percent of those over 65 do.

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