Loose lips sink ships, they say...but the rumors are swirling anyway. A source that is described as someone "close to the radio man" and as a person that knows Howard Stern very well tells the New York Post that Howard Stern is "being 'groomed' by NBC" to replace Jimmy Fallon. So now it's possible that he'll wake you up early and keep you up late.

This all started when rumors of Jimmy Fallon, the host of "Late Night" would replace Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" should he step down. The Post reports that:

Stern has been trying to show TV suits for years that he’s the whole package -- as opposed to the one he talks about on the radio. He’s shown on ("AMERICA'S GOT TALENT"), one of the most popular family shows on TV, that he can act like a grown-up and play well with others -- if the money’s right.

And, according to a source who knows him well, the executives at NBC have gotten the message.

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