Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to talking about Upstate New York. In a recent segment, he gave our region a pretty "dank" shout-out.

The segment starts off with Fallon explaining how malls are trying to get younger shoppers back in the stores vs shopping online. He plays a "commercial" for Crossgates Mall in Albany New York. The commercial is filled with "hip" lingo that the youth are using today:

That's pretty dank.

Not The Only Upstate New York Reference This Week...

Saturday Night Live took a jab at Central New York in a sketch on its latest episode this past weekend.

The sketch involved guidance counselors addressing the Class of 2022 at "Ol' Dirty Bastard High School," during which the counselors -- played by Ego Nwodim & Bowen Young -- advise the impending graduates to forgo college and get into modeling. When one student reacts skeptically, Ego Nowdim says, "Let me ask you this. Do you want to live in Paris or Syracuse?"

The line sort of lands with a dud, with maybe one quick chuckle from the studio audience.

Did You Know There’s A Cartoon Based In Utica?

Utica has been featured on "The Office." There's all sorts of Utica references in "The Simpsons." But did you know there's a cartoon about our small city?

In the late '90s and early 2000s, central New York natives, Fran and Will Krause created a cartoon called "Utica Cartoon." It actually was a pilot for Cartoon Network, but it got beat out by the show "Codename: Kids Next Door."

You can read more here.

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