Have you gotten used to the time change yet? Or would you like to do away with it altogether?

The debate over Daylight Savings Time gets heated twice a year and we are currently seeing some of the backlash. Are there still any good reasons to maintain the time changes? Does it cause more problems than help? Or are there much bigger fish to fry?


I will say this - I didn't really care much about losing or gaining an hour of sleep UNTIL I HAD CHILDREN. Because falling back and "getting that extra hour" just doesn't happen. There's no way to convince my youngsters to sleep in on a regular weekend so why would this be any better?

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How about 3rd shift workers? Do they get cheated out of an hour of pay once a year and end up cheating the company out of an hour once a year? Is this even still an issue? I seem to remember feeling pretty ripped off at one job I had.


Do you actually enjoy driving to work in daylight? Yes, it does seem a little easier to get up and get out the door when it's not pitch black. But are we forgetting that in a few more weeks we'll be back to waking up in the dark anyway?

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Whatever your reasons for or against Daylight Savings Time, there's one lawmaker in Niagara County who thinks New York State should opt out of it. That's right, according to the Uniform Time Act of 1966, states have the ability to decide not to participate in DST. Angelo Morinello, an Assemblyman from Niagara County, is trying to get the conversation moving by submitting a bill to change the state's status. According to WIVB, Morinello thinks "the time change does more harm than good".

What do you think? Would you prefer no time change at all or is it best not to mess with it?

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