This is not a drill. I repeat. This is NOT a drill.

Reports have been released that in 2019 - McDonalds will be serving BACON CHEESE FRIES! This information comes from an employee with knowledge of the situation, who told Business Insider. According to photos viewed by Business Insider, at least some stores have started adding the "loaded bacon fry station" to their point-of-sale systems.

Northern California and Hawaii locations have already had the menu item since the beginning of November as test markets. Researchers said that the test markets performances determined high odds of the chain rolling out the item in 2019, nationally.

McDonald's has long sold cheesy fries in other countries, including Spain and Canada. The chain has tested different versions of cheese fries in the US for years, including a limited-time offer of a loaded bacon and cheese basket of fries across four states in 2017.

Would you get bacon cheese fries instead of regular? Or do you think that it's a little bit too much?

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