What women go through to look good for guys seems downright crazy sometimes. You go out and get your hair cut, colored, straightened, and curled; you spend money on the latest fashions; you get manicures and pedicures, you get waxed and plucked; you cake on the make-up and so on. How many men are you driving away instead of attracting?


As a guy I appreciate everything women do to look good. I’m so happy I’m a guy where I take a shower and shave, that’s about it. You have to go through 17 layers of beauty before leaving the house! Some women don’t get though that going through those layers you neglect a group of men who like natural beauty. In a recent Yahoo article, one man goes through some of the things that make a woman more casual and more beautiful.

Some things on the list include:

  • Wearing casual clothes - trading in that mini dress for a tank top and jeans can be just the thing to get his blood boiling. It’s true, sometimes casual works the best.
  • Wearing you hair less "done" - you work so hard to clip, color and process your locks, always work smarter not harder by tossing your hair up on a sexy ponytail or bun. Guys dig it!
  • Being pretty in any situation - There's no doubt that stress will get the best of us some days, but you have to remember is this: you look pretty when we're happy. So no matter what kind of situation you find yourselves in, handle yourselves with grace, and you’ll always look gorgeous.

Reason I posted a picture of Anne Hathaway: She never seems like she does a lot, but always looks great!

What are some things you do that doesn’t seem like much that men like?

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