The iconic toy store closed its doors in 2018, but now, it looks like we haven't seen the last of Geoffrey.

Toys R' Us filed bankruptcy and liquidated their inventory last year, closing all their US stores - breaking the hearts of many of us who grew up as Toys R' Us kids. Now, a new development means we haven't seen the last of the store.

According to CBS News, the company's assets were acquired by Tru Kids Brands - which is run by Richard Barry - a longtime employee of Toys R Us. Barry has plans to revitalize the brand - in a new way, that could mean smaller stores and a bigger e-commerce arm.

Barry says the love of the brand makes him want to bring it back. He also noted that even in the face of competition from big retailers like Amazon and Walmart, there was still a hole in the toy market this holiday season.

Could we see another Toys R Us store come back to Central New York? We'll have to wait and see - but perhaps another generation will get to grow up as Toys R'Us kids.

What other Central New York businesses would you like to see come back?



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