The Utica Police have revealed details on their Facebook page concerning 3 separate 'bath salts' incidents.  This is on the heels of the recent bath salt attacks in Marcy and Munnsville.  Read about the most recent attacks below.

The most disturbing assault happened on Friday in West Utica at Stanley's Bar on Court Street. The woman they encountered there claimed to have an appetite for human flesh.  The UPD reports:

When an officer arrived he found a 41 year old woman sitting on the stairs of the premises, sweating profusely and with a blank stare of her face. When the officer proceeded to ask the woman what was wrong, she became aggressive by lunging at him and attempted to bite the police officer. As the police officer restrained woman she continued to scream that she wanted to kill someone and eat them.

The day before, UPD was called to Downer Ave, also in West Utica for another bath salt assault.  The man apparently had the strength to rip a door from its hinges.  Again from UPD's Facebook account, the man:

acting in an abnormal manner and becoming very aggressive towards her and her husband. The family was afraid to go back into the home because [he] made threats to kill the family.

Police officers entered the home and found a bedroom door [the man] damaged and completely ripped off the hinges.

Finally, the UPD today reported on an East Utica man found in the women's restroom at the downtown Radisson Hotel.  He allegedly had bath salts in his possession and was busting out lights.  (Who knew bath salt zombies were vampiric in their dislike for the light?).  Here's what the UPD has to say about the Mary Street man,

The man broke the bathroom lights and was found to be in possession of hypodermic needles and bath salts.


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