You know how you can spend a few dollars and have a star named after you? I've got the same thing happening on my head. Except my kids. And gray hairs.

My kids are giving me gray hair. If I wasn't hiding them with a monthly coloring, you'd see thousands of gray hairs growing out of my head, each named for the event that spurred its growth. Right there? Those are the "Jillian nearly drowns at Disney World" hairs. Those? My son was hockey goalie for a year. That big patch of grays up front? Those are for my oldest daughter's entire first year at college.

And those new ones? Those are because my daughter Jill got into another accident with her new car the DAY AFTER WE PICKED IT UP FROM THE BODY SHOP from her first accident. The second one wasn't her fault (someone backed up into her car), and thank goodness, no one was hurt. But why does the Universe hate me? Or Honda?

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM - Accident #1


Stress, gray hair, worry, guilt. It's just part of being a parent.

By the way: the nice New Hartford police officer who helped us out after this recent accident said that statistically, when people have their first accident, they have their second one within two weeks. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but here we are.

Send chocolate. I'll be in bed counting my gray hairs. 


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