Thinking about hanging your face mask from your rear view mirror? Think again.

I always forget to grab my mask when I'm heading out the door to the store, so I thought an easy solution would be to hang it from my rear view mirror. I had no idea this is illegal in New York.

I know what you're thinking - this has to be the dumbest law of all time (and in New York, that's saying something.) It's legitimately a Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 1213, if you want to check it out. Basically, it says you can't drive with anything - including people - obstructing your view of the windshield or through the side or rear of the vehicle. That includes your mask. (This is the same law that makes it illegal to drive with all the snow on your car.)

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I can't imagine a Central New York officer actually pulling you over for this - but it's certainly something you can be ticketed for if they decide you've earned it.

And how much will that ticket cost you? It'll leave a dent in your finances, according to "A ticket for an obstructed view means facing a fine of up to $150 with an NYS surcharge of $88 or $93 (depending on where the ticket was issued) and 2 points on one’s license. A second offense in 18 months can mean a fine of up to $300 fine and a third offense costs as much as $450." Ouch.

(In case you think it's just New York that has these laws, the same goes for New Jersey, according to our friends at The Hawk.)

The bottom line? Remember to wear your mask, but don't hang it from the rear view mirror.


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