Tuesday was move-in day at Utica College, with the college welcoming some 465 new students to campus.

Scott Nonemaker is the Dean of Students for the Office of Student Affairs at UC.

Nonemaker says they're excited to be open and ready to go.

He says it will different at the college this year, but it will be a better different.

Nonemaker says right now, over 90 percent of the students on campus are vaccinated (against COVID), the college is only requiring masks indoors and they’re not needed outdoors as long as students are vaccinated.

He says activities at the college are going to be normal, classes are going to be normal and their will be no social distancing.

“The biggest challenge is really just getting our students to realize that we’re back, that they can congregate, they can do things and they can see each other in person.” said Nonemaker.

The fall semester at Utica College begins on Monday.

On Thursday, new students will be taking part in the first ever Pioneer Pitch-In.

Students will be volunteering in the local community, tackling projects at the Utica Zoo, the Rescue Mission of Utica, UCP and House of the Good Shepherd.

2021 Move In Day At Utica College

Meanwhile, unvaccinated students at all 64 SUNY campuses are now facing a COVID-19 vaccination deadline.

Due to the Pfizer vaccine being approved by the FDA on Monday, students now have just over 30 dates to received their shots.

Anyone who fails to meet the new rule will be un-enrolled or have to take their courses remotely.

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