You can get FREE refills at Starbucks. You can't do that at Tim Hortons. In 2023, at participating stores, you can get your coffee refilled.

What's the catch? Of course, there has to be a catch. Starbucks will refill your cup if you are hanging out or studying or working at the actual location. You can't just bring in a cup from earlier or yesterday to get refilled. The original drink must be consumed in the store and you can get your free refill right there. Does that mean any drink or just strictly drip coffee?

No, you can get any drink as long as the barista made it right there on location. There could possibly be adds ons, though. For example, extra chocolate or whipped cream may cost you extra, depending on the store you are at.

Starbucks free refills are part of the Starbucks Rewards program that allows its members free and unlimited Starbucks refills at participating stores. However, you must purchase a barista-made drink using your Starbucks app or card to qualify for the refill", according to

Yes, this includes Starbucks even at Target. If you are NOT a rewards member and do not want to sign up to be in the club, you will be offered refills at a reduced discount according to the Starbucks website:

 Customers without a registered account may purchase a refill at a reduced price."

You can find all of the information on refills here on the Starbucks website.

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