Spring is here and it is time to let the road trips begin! Whether you are staying close to home or hauling the family on a long trip to someplace warm, it is time to put the winter behind and get the fun started!

One of the best parts about traveling or taking a road trip is the food! Even if you are a health food nut or on a strict diet, the road trip menu is a little more relaxed and for millions that will mean a stop and go at the next Chick-Fil-A!

The chicken sandwich may be irresistible, but it also may come with a few restrictions depending on the store or location that you and the family choose. In some locations, there are age limits and kids may only enter with an adult.

It is unfortunate, but because of the actions of some, many must suffer. A Chick-fil-A in Royersford, Pennsylvania, has kicked off a debate after announcing it won’t allow kids and teens to dine there without an adult.

Will locations in New York State be next? Possibly. But while we wait to see what happens next, some are upset with the hours that Chick-Fil-A holds on the weekends. There are dozens of locations across the Empire State and many are on the Thruway and that is tough for travelers on the weekend.

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