There is a big monetary benefit that may be going away soon. The funds that were made available to families in the pandemic may soon be unavailable if the fed doesn't step in.

The hardest thing for any family to manage, large or small, is the work-life balance. Moms and dads want to work but that means time away from the kids and that means the huge expense of paying for childcare. If you want really good childcare, you will pay for it big time.

But what can you do? It is an endless cycle and when things were shutdown in the COVID years, it was even harder to keep up and harder for childcare centers and daycare centers to stay open.

But the relief funds that helped families and childcare organizations seems to be ending and for some states, like New York State, that is very bad news.

Organizations such as the AFL-CIO are urging the fed to once again save the day and protect these funds before it is too late.

Federal child care stabilization funds are set to expire on Sept. 30.
We are on the verge of a crisis and without congressional action, millions of working parents could see their child care programs close.
Congress MUST approve $16B in emergency funding to #SolveChildCare!

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