We’re shocked that this disturbing video of a news interview in Western New York hasn't gone viral

It’s amazing that the incident was caught on film, but even more so, the reaction of the man being interviewed is absolutely mind-blowing. 

After the news station posted the clip of what happened to their Twitter account, viewers who watched it couldn’t believe what they just saw.

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News Station’s Interview Goes Awry

Earlier this month, a news crew from 13WHAM in Rochester, New York was on location to film a taped interview on Rosewood Terrace in the city.

Everything about the conversation seemed normal at first. It was a pleasant afternoon in Rochester, and the neighborhood seemed fairly quiet. 

Then all hell broke loose. 

Frightening Shooting Caught On Video In Rochester, NY

While the news team was talking with a local resident (a man in his 50s or 60s), three loud “pops” suddenly rang out behind the subject. 

A split-second later, a blue car sped away behind the man with tires screeching down the street. 

Warning: Video depicts violence and could be triggering.

It’s clear to anyone who was there or who watched the footage that they just witnessed a drive-by shooting in broad daylight.

Thankfully, neither the news crew nor the man they interviewed were hurt in the terrifying ordeal.

Interview Subject Has Surprising Reaction During Incident

While the Rochester reporter was clearly taken aback by the sudden gunfire, letting out a surprised gasp and rushing backwards, the man they were interviewing remained surprisingly undisturbed.

“Oh, wow…Maybe there’s gang activity here? That’s crazy,”  he said casually after looking over his shoulder.


It’s amazing that someone who just witnessed a terrifying event like that could stay so calm afterwards. On the other hand, the fact that he kept his cool could be a sad reality that violence happens often there, and viewers of the video guessed he could be desensitized from it all.

More Violence The Night Before In The Same Rochester Neighborhood

Residents living in the area where the interview took place are unfortunately familiar with crime. 

Just one street over from where the clip was filmed, a bullet grazed a woman in her 70s while lying in her bed. Minutes later, two homes nearby homes were fired upon as well.

Both shootings happened the very night before.

Suspects May Remain At Large In Rochester Shooting

It’s unknown if any suspects in the daytime drive-by shooting or the two prior shootings are currently in custody.

Tips regarding both shootings can be submitted to Rochester Crime Stoppers at 585-423-9300.

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