Sam Smith and Kim Petras made history at the 65th Grammy Awards when Smith became the first nonbinary artist and Petras became the first openly transgender artist to win a Grammy.

The duo also performed their smash hit "Unholy." The performance drew controversy — Smith wore devil horns while Petras danced in a cage — as some viewers claimed it promoted Satan.

It's safe to say Donald Trump Jr. wasn't a fan.

In a video shared online, Donald Trump's son compared the "Unholy" performance to a satanic ritual.

"You can't make this stuff up anymore ... The next conspiracy theory to go down the drain is Hollywood, the music industry, totally not into the satanic rituals, despite all of the symbolism, despite all of the coincidence with said symbolism. It never ends," Trump Jr. ranted.

"Maybe it's art, but why is it always this kind of art? Why is it never, like, regular art?" Trump Jr. continued, claiming that Hollywood is influencing children by promoting supposed satanic symbolism in the performances they watch and the programs they consume.

"They're all in on it. They're going to crush everything we hold near and dear in America. Our morality, our decency, our religion, our freedom, and they're going to replace it with this crap," he added, alleging that Smith's performance proved "right-wingers were right that Hollywood and the music industry are all Satan-worshippers."

Watch Trump Jr.'s rant, below:

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