Emma Roberts is no stranger to the world of horror, having starred in shows such as American Horror Story and films including Scream 4. But did you know Roberts collects creepy dolls off-screen?

Appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden in January, Roberts opened up about her obsession with dolls.

"I love dolls. I’m obsessed with dolls; the creepier the better. I find them on all corners of the internet. When I can’t sleep, I look at dolls," she explained.

The actress revealed she currently has "around 15" dolls in her collection, and is particularly fond of Barbies, vintage Dollikins and Blythe dolls, which are popular in Japan.

"But it’s really more about finding the doll, not really getting the doll," she added.

Collecting dolls is so dear to Roberts that she even commemorated her hobby with a Mattel logo tattoo on her ankle.

emma roberts tattoo mattel
@latelateshow via TikTok

It's unclear how long Roberts has been collecting dolls.

Her hobby can be traced back to at least 2015, when she tweeted she was on the hunt for more dolls for her collection.

"Who knows a place to get Blythe Dolls on the internet? Having an oddly difficult time finding..." she wrote.

Over the years, Roberts has shared several snapshots of her beloved dolls on her social media accounts.

In 2018, the actress shared a whimsical doll she received for her birthday. The fairy-like doll was designed by artist Erica Borghstijn.

A few months later, she shared a photo of her holding two Blythe-like dolls near her chest. "Where my doll lovers at?" she captioned the image.

In 2019, Roberts shared a photo of herself laying in bed with "Bloom," a custom Blythe doll she received for her birthday that year.

"I got an early birthday gift and her name is Bloom!" she captioned the snapshot.

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