Mandy Moore solidified herself as a Disney icon with her role in Tangled, however, not everyone in her family is a fan.

Moore recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight, where she shared that her son, Gus, does not want to see his mom in a sequel to Tangled.

"My son has not seen a ton of movies, but he does love Cars, so that was the highlight of the day," she began.

"He knows two Mickey Mouses, but Rapunzel was just blank. He had no idea. I've asked him to watch Tangled and he has no interest. Maybe one day it will be exciting to him that Mom knows Rapunzel really well, but at this point in his life he couldn't care less," Moore revealed.

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Additionally, Gus is not interested in Moore's musical talents and has even been told not to sing by her son.

"Gus is really into mom and dad not singing. [He says,] 'Mama no sing.' I'm like, 'Oh, OK.' Or he'll say that to Taylor when Taylor's playing guitar and I’m like, 'You know people paid to see your dad in concert?' He does not like it. He just wants to hear the original, which I understand," Moore revealed.

Moore used her singing talents to her role as Rapunzel in Tangled. The movie was a huge success for Disney and grossed $592 million against a budget of $260 million. The song "I See the Light" from the film went on to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song at the 83rd Academy Awards.

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