C'mon, people. It's a coffee shop, not a bar.

Starbucks is set to make some big changes in order for things to not be so noisy when people are picking up their coffee.

Why Noise Is An Issue At Starbucks?

You could choose from a number of probable sources when determining what's making all that noise inside a Starbucks. Some of it really might even depending on the store location and the time of the day you're grabbing coffee.

First, you obviously have the baristas making coffee and shouting out orders when they're ready to be picked up. Then you have customers entering and exiting the store.

Of course, you also have the folks like college students and some professionals who use Starbucks as a place to get work done.

There's a lot factoring into the noise equation.

Bloomberg recently reported that Starbucks doesn't want its customers to feel like they are shouting. The chain also wants to make its stores more friendly for those who suffer from some form of hearing loss.

Baristas working at Starbucks
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What Starbucks Is Doing About The Noise

Starbucks has unveiled plans to do something about all that racket you've been making when inside their store.

USA Today is reporting Starbucks will add acoustic dampening baffles or foam to the ceiling of any new store. Additionally, nearly 1,000 locations will be renovated to address noise levels.

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It's not just about the customers, either. Starbucks also wants their employees to be able to hear orders to cutdown on delays caused by the customer having the repeat what they want.

Starbucks continues to look for ways to reduce the time it takes to get coffee and other products into customers' hands. Last December, the coffee giant started allowing stores to temporarily shutdown mobile ordering during busy times of the day to help them catch back up.

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