Does your kid love pizza and need something for lunch this summer? Come here and eat for free!

It warms our hearts to see local businesses give back in any way they can to the community. We know it isn't always easy for them in today's economy, but the little things make a huge difference.


No Kids Hungry Campaign

Franco's Pizza in Ilion is back once again this year with their favorite promotion of the summer. Starting on Monday, June 26th, they are offering hungry kids in Central New York a free lunch. It's all part of their annual 'No Kids Hungry Campaign'.

Our community is super important to us, especially our younger generation! If you know of a kid home on lunch, send them down to see us! We've gotcha covered!

What does the lunch include? Kids can get a slice, a bag of chips, and a drink... all thanks to the amazing people at Franco's. It's always a success! So many kids in the Mohawk Valley walk away with a full belly and a big smile on their face.

Past Hurdles

Even when a company is offering something sweet, there are always the sour bunches that try to ruin it.

Credit - Franco's Pizza of Ilion via Facebook
Credit - Franco's Pizza of Ilion via Facebook

Last August, Franco's Pizza released several photos of their bathroom that was vandalized by several customers during the event. But according to the owners, the damages didn't stop there.

We have had several issues. Spraying juice boxes all over the bathroom, changing the thermostat and stealing the buttons so we couldn’t adjust the temperature, stealing items from our dining area, stealing food, deliberately throwing trash on the floor, hacking into our sound system, swearing, vaping…the list could go on.

Luckily for everyone else, Franco's is graciously bringing back the free lunches for this year. But it should be known, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Be grateful for what this business is offering, and let's teach our kids to respect everyone. Especially those offering something as amazing as this.

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