For a mourning heart, this mother is looking to share her sons love in any way she can.

It is not easy for anyone to lose someone they love. This is especially true when they are taken far too soon, when they have so much more life to give and live.

Heather Niver is a mother with a heart bigger than anyone you've ever met. Her son is Brady River, who was involved in the tragic car accident with his girlfriend, Rylee Bartlett, on April 30. The two families lost Rylee the day it happened, while Brady passed away 8 days later at Upstate Hospital in Syracuse.

The two students and their families have received an overwhelming amount of support from not only the Fulton community, but all across Central and Upstate New York. As a well known wrestler in the region, many people were sharing his mothers message...

Be KIND, Be STRONG, Be DETERMINED, Be a CHAMPION... #bradystrong

Though she lost her son, Heather is doing everything she can to keep Brady's soul and mission alive. One of her most recent selfless acts has gone viral in Central New York.

Credit - Melinda Wise via Facebook
Credit - Melinda Wise via Facebook

Dunkin Donuts is #BradyStrong

According to a Dunkin employee, Heather recently made a stop at the Dunkin Donuts in Fulton on Mother's Day. After making her order, she asked one of the baristas for a pack of sticky notes on a pen. She then gave the cashier $140 to pay for everyone's coffees who came after her.

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On each drink was a blue sticky note with her son's message.

Credit - Noel Noel via Facebook
Credit - Noel Noel via Facebook

The original post sharing Heather's initiative has garnered almost 2K shares on Facebook, with people still paying it forward for Brady. The movement has touched so many people, inspiring them to spread kindness in any way they can.

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